For months we have known that David Cameron would give the opportunity of a repeal on the Hunting Act 2004. On Monday 7th July it was leaked that the repeal would be within the next couple of weeks. However, no one on the opposition or any animal rights groups had any knowledge of this happening.

Yesterday we called Harriet Harman QC MP, leader of the Labour Party, to understand what was going on. She said to us that she had absolutely no knowledge of this happening. After this we decided to go higher and contacted Rosie Winterton, Labour's Chief Whip. Rosie is the first person to get details of any debates happening in Parliament. Rosie also told us that she had not heard anything about this.

Today there was a commons debate, in Parliament, and it was announced during business question that there would be a debate next Wednesday to repeal the Hunting Act 2004. What was even more disgraceful was that pro-hunting lobbies were told before Parliament about the date which they will rail road the debate on the Hunting Act. 

The debate, which is to happen next Wednesday, will be a 90 minute debate on the back of a major debate before hand. After the debate, MPs will have the opportunity to vote to repeal the ban or keep the ban. 

We have until Wednesday 15th July 2015 to gain as much support to keep the ban as possible. 

We urge everyone to contact your MP, or as many as you can, and let them know you want them to keep the ban. It's vital we let every MP know how we feel to ensure we win on Wednesday. 

Take action now lobby your MP: