This is a press release on behalf of the Keep The Ban campaign. We are releasing a press release as we are angered by recent events, especially recent governmental appointments. We are concerned over the appointment of Andrea Leadsom MP, the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, appointed on the 14th July this year. 
Furthermore, we hold deep concerns over the opinions of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, appointed and importantly not elected on 14th July of this year also. While KTB for now respects the wishes of the Conservative government, we do not respect the views of the new DEFRA secretary and have launched a petition to call upon her to do the decent thing and resign. 

Keep The Ban have longstanding concerns over the present government’s handling of the fox hunting issue. Last year, they government withdrew a vote on the fox hunting repeal on the day they were meant to debate it. This in part was due to lobbying from KTB and other groups. 
Now the government believe they have the upper hand in appointing somebody to the DEFRA brief who has publicly expressed her distaste for the ban. Indeed, Secretary of State Andrea Leadsom, appointed last Thursday in Theresa May’s first cabinet, claimed in a tweet in December 2014 “What a sight – Merry Christmas to the Grafton Hunt!”. 

KTB believes this to be appalling coming from a person who’s role is specifically to look after wildlife in this country. She has already proven her incompetence considering her biased views on the nation’s forests. We demand that she does the decent thing and resign her position. KTB will be campaigning for this until she does so, and will be arguing for an Environmental Convention involving representatives from various Parties and groups in order to come up with decent, sustainable and fair environmental ideas. If that means there will be no Andrea Leadsom around the table, then so be it.

Andrea Leadsom’s appointment has lead to criticism from some. A spokesperson for KTB passionately claimed that “we demand her resignation she’s unsuitable to be in charge at DEFRA”. He then went on to say “we have concerns over her impartiality and her advocacy for hunting”. The appointment by Theresa May has also caused a stir online, with one person commenting on our Facebook post “Does this country not have bigger problems to think about?? Why undo what has rightly been done when they don’t need to?” Our thoughts exactly. 
We believe that Andrea Leadsom does not have the credentials to care for our wildlife, that her position is therefore untenable and that she should do the decent thing and resign.

Link to the petition: